The Zakeri House is located in Qamsar

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The Zakeri House is located in Qa'ismar, the "Deepest" of the world-renowned spa center


The history of the chest and mouth of Qamsar has been a history of several centuries of dying in this place. The former owners of this house, known as Fehzad Malakhsan Feyz Kashani, have been in this place. The last person from this house, who worked in this house, was reminded of Mirza Ali Reza Feizi.


"Haj Mohammad Aribar Qamsari", who later became the former Prime Minister of Ahad Shah Qajar for Sayyid Ziad al-Din Tabataba'i, first worked at the same place.


It should be noted that Seyyed Zia'ddin Itta brings the root of Mohammadi to Tehran by the stewards of the family of Sheibani from the Farhangan area of ​​Ghasrr to Tehran and cultivates this day in his garden in Sa'adat Abad and then invites Haj Mohammad Ariar Qamsari, He has been a young man and he has a lot of fun.

Historical House "Zakeri" in Qamar

Museum Golab


Museum Golab